Die Cutting, Embossing and Foil Stamping

(1) Bobst Vision Cut 106 LER Die Cutter
By removing the need for the time-consuming hand stripping of waste, VISIONCUT 106 LER helps cut labor costs, enhance product quality and supercharge productivity. And the benefits go far beyond the die-cutting process, because the blanked cartons produced by a VISIONCUT 106 LER are perfectly flat and undistorted, so on folder-gluer lines they will set more quickly, run at higher speeds and perform more consistently than those broken out by hand.

(1) Bobst 102 – CER Die Cutter
A proven leader in the die cutting industry, the 102 is a reliable, high quality die cutter. With the automatic stripping unit, the cost of hand stripping your product is eliminated.

(1) Bobst Speria 102 Die Cutter
For foil stamping and embossing, this machine turns your foiling and embossing visions into a reality

(5) PMC High-Die Cutters
Typical uses are for labels, note pads, plastic cards, identification tags, post cards, and round cornering.

Conventional Finishing

(1) Navigator Folder with 8-page, 16-page and 32-page units
(2) MBO Folders with 8-page, 16-page and 32-page units
(3) Automated Guillotine Cutters
(3) Signature High Speed Folder / Gluers with gyro, inserting, cold and hot melt gluing
(3) Kirk Rudy Inkjet mail bases (UV) up to 600 DPI
(1) Muller 8-pocket saddle-stitcher with cover feeder

Card and Packaging Finishing

(9) Rollem Slitters with Radius Cut configured for sheets 121-up CB, 110-up CB, and 100-up gutter cut
(8) Ruge & Singer machines for in-line round cornering
(8) Overwrap Lines with up to 25 Longford Feeders and QC Scales per line
(3) Cello Wrappers with tear strip capabilities
(6) Automated Pack Out Lines for Box / Packaging assembly
(3) Algus High Speed Automated Blister Pack lines
RayJet r500 Laser Cutter

Track & Trace Software and Equipment


Ecosystem AQUA 110 Foil to board laminating system.

Laminates all types of films such as OPP, PET, Nylon, thermal, acetate, PE, PLA, etc… with a wide range of thicknesses.

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