From Prepress to Fulfillment, your projects are overseen by an experienced team of print professionals

Terry Pegram (in memoriam)

Terry began his career in printing when he was 16 years old and never left the industry. Terry founded Millennium in 2014 with the vision of creating a world class producer of high-quality collectible cards. Over the next 8 years, Terry did just that.  His passion lives on in the company he built and the employees that he had such a great influence on. Terry passed away unexpectedly in November 2022. He is greatly missed by all those who have known him.

Executive Team

Nandu Srinivasan

Jamileh Parker Delcambre
Chief of Staff

Rick Jones
Vice President of Sales & Client Services

Bonnie Garrett
Head of People

Craig Putz
Vice President of Finance

Dave Richey
Vice President of Manufacturing

Bill Kwiatkowski
Plant Manager & Continuous Improvement

Rick Knox
Vice President of Logistics

Bryan Hall
Vice President of Greensboro & Europe Operations


Brad Masai
Director of Client Services – Sports

Will Patterson
Director of Client Services – TCG

Vicky Park
Director of Client Services – Pokemon

Bob Lempp
Director of Sales Administration & Corporate Sustainability

Susan Rudd

Brent Jones
Director of Procurement

Johnny Mendoza
Director of Capacity & Utilization

Wayne Bailey
Director of Corporate Prepress

Terry Dragseth
General Manager – MPG (Howard, South Dakota)

John Langdon
Director of Corporate Engineering

Jack Brown
General Manager – MPG (Greensboro, North Carolina)

Joe Conley
Director of Manufacturing Operations (Greensboro, North Carolina)

Mark Worrall
General Manager – MPG Europe